Monday, September 12, 2016

Sunday Hammocks and Bikes

Yesterday was possibly the most perfect Sunday ever. It was stake conference. We left uplifted and inspired to be better, to serve more, and to live like our Savior. 

After lunch, we loaded up bikes, snacks, and kids (no small feat here!) and drove out to the Ft. Tuthill bike park. They were having some kind of race and there was a huge crowd. We left there and drove to Marshall Lake (it's a bit of a marsh right now). We set up our hammocks and read and relaxed, rode bikes a bit, and dozed for awhile. At Jake's urging, we went back to the bike park, which was now empty. The kids and Scott had a great time. I even tried it once. Brooklyn, poor girl, had a fever all day so we hung out in the hammocks together. She was all bundled up and was a trooper. 

We got back and had eggs and bacon for dinner, then got everyone into bed. We all went to bed feeling so fulfilled and happy. Jake and Alisa declared it the best Sunday ever. Scott didn't even feel the Monday-eve blues he usually gets. It was a perfect day. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scott's Turning 36!

Happy 36th Birthday to my main squeeze. For his birthday, he got a $1 million worth of fishing equipment and a fishing trip in Alaska with his dad, uncle, and some seasoned fishermen from Flag.

Brooklyn: Isn't the tooth fairy so pretty, dad? Lost her 5th tooth!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

BYU vs. U of A in the Cardinals Stadium was a BLAST. It was a total nail biter. We were pumped to be winning, discouraged when they pulled ahead. Then, a miracle happened in the last minute. We kicked it and it went straight in. It was AMAZING. We were all going crazy. It was so much fun. 
Mostly, the kids did great. It was their first game. It started at 7:30pm, so by the end of it Brooke was covering her head and ears and asking people to pipe down. Ha! Overall, they hung in there until midnight when we got home. Plus, we were on the jumbotron three times! So famous. We all slept until Scott's alarm at 9:20am! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Brooklyn teaches the FHE Lesson

Sometimes our FHE lessons get really creative. Brooklyn decided to teach with Beanie Boos about the man with the evil spirits that Jesus cast out into a herd of swine. Entertaining to say the least. Brooklyn is so chatty and never runs out of things to say. I love 7-year-olds!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Shelly and Darin Visit Flagstaff

Michelle and Darin and family spontaneously joined my parents at the Lake, then decided to come on down to Flag for the weekend! We had a blast at Bearizona... Kinda. There was a little incident where Rowan dove head-over-heels through the window of the bus (no glass). It was TERRIFYING. Alisa had been begging to hold Scarlett on her lap, and after that fall I was glad I refused! He had major goose eggs on his head, but checked out just fine with the EMTs after the tour. There was a Peds nurse on the bus and luckily he fell with the elk and not the wolves or bison!

Rowan fulfilled his dream to have a birthday party with the cousins. It was an awesome Star Wars party and all the kids had a blast. I love hanging out with Michelle and Darin. They are some of the funniest and amazing people. 

Friday, March 25, 2016


Brooke was looking at this picture. 

"That's not you and dad!"

Yes, it is. 

"No, it's not!"

Why? Dad doesn't look like himself? He looks different? Because I look about the same. 

"No you don't! You have wrinkles! Look, I can see them right here!" (Points to my forehead)

Me. Laughing. I guess it's true. I remember my mom being old when she was 36. I guess I'm old!